Turtle Hacker Game 1


The aim of this game is to take the turtle home. You need to give the turtle directions to its house.
Beware! Do not hit the walls.

Level: Upper Primary School, lower Secondary School


You give directions by entering code in the "CODE EDITOR" and then clicking the "RUN" button. To restart press the "RESET" button and the turtle will return to its start position.


  • The code is CASE-SENSITIVE
  • Give one instruction per line
  • 4 instructions (also called functions) are available to you:
    MoveLeft  MoveRight  MoveUp  MoveDown

code example


Turtles are slow and get exhausted very quickly, so the turtle should travel as little as possible, which means the total number of steps(pixels) taken should be as small as possible. In our example above, the turtle has walked a total of 700 steps(pixels).

RUN RESET Code Editor