Master Hacker Minecraft Modding

Content: Minecraft Modding
Audience: High School Students
Duration: 1 Week (2 hours a day for 5 days).
Start Date: Monday 16 January 2017.
End Date: Friday 20 January 2017.
Time: Everyday from 9am until 11am.
Outcomes: Students will be able to create Mods for Minecraft

This is a 1 week intensive module aimed at providing students with Java coding skills.

What do they learn ?
This course introduces students to Java programming using Minecraft.

  • Starting with the development environment, the course progresses with teaching the foundations of Java programming.
  • The main topics are Java, Java IDE and Minecraft Modding.
  • Students then bring those new skills together to create Mods for Minecraft.

"Passion is everything!" and with Minecraft there is no lack of motivation. Being able to use Minecraft as an educational tool is fantastic and is expected to be our most popular course, so book now before we run out of seats.