A technological future

We know by just looking around us, that technology is an inevitable part of our daily lives and our future.

What we see every day when a message pops up on our phone is actually controlled by a carefully thought out set of code that tells our phone how to work and what to do. We don’t always think about the people behind the scenes, but we know they are developing new features all the time.

With this constant and rapid growth, we at Hacker School feel it is vital that young students get a better understanding of how technology works , in turn giving them greater opportunities for the evermore-technological future.

Although one of our main goals is to fast track teaching technology, with many schools still trying to update their curriculums, this is not all we are focusing on. For us it is crucial that students are aware of their learning and take matters into their own hands.

By using a range of methods and techniques, we incorporate many learning styles including social, visual, kinesthetic, auditory, verbal and many others in the hope that we can engage ALL students in our courses. Our aim is to make them aware of HOW they learn best, so they can harness their own learning and use it outside of the classroom or in other subjects. We not only want to make them aware of themselves but to motivate them to learn in a smarter way.

Through trial and error we want students to develop skills of problem solving and critical thinking. Through group work and individual research, we want students to realize the potential access to information that they have and that two heads are better than one. By completing activities and presenting their work, students will build up their organizational skills, confidence and hopefully through all of this, their creativity as they are left to their own devices for certain aspects of the course.

Overall we truly believe our courses can deliver a wholistic education to students, not only teaching technical IT skills but also study and general life skills such as time management, clear communication, confidence and with a bit of luck, ignite their inner creativity.