Web Programming

Audience: High School Students
Duration: Dependent on student pace and goals.
Prerequisites: Sound skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript programming
Outcomes: Students will have the skills to program Web Applications from end to end.

This is a 20 weeks course aimed at providing students with a high level of Web Application Programming skills.

Extend (1 hour a week)
This course builds from Master Hacker and introduces students to web application programming. Students are introduced to technologies currently used by large national and multinational companies to drive their Web Applications. Amongst these technologies are C#, Razor templates, APIs, data-binding and SQL databases.

Support (1 hour a week)
Students have an optional additional 1 hour a week aimed at supporting the Secondary I.T. curriculums. Students complete their High School homework with the support of an I.T. teacher when needed. It is of great importance to us, that our students achieve good grades in their I.T. subjects.